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Monday (Original Mix) – Steve Angello.

Steve Angello


Steve Angello – Monday (Erdil Re-Edit). yes this is the copy of the vocal mix, a copy of steve’s dj tool, download it! huge track. Steve Angello – Alpha Baguera (Original Mix). I dont know how to describe this track, very unique. Mescal Kid – Do You Want It (Original Mix). not sure if this is […]



Tivoli (Original Mix) – Steve Angello. ZS/MF A lot of demand for this track! check it out look out for monday, ill post it soon……. and maybe the vocal mix.

A remake of the edit by steve. I’ve been told the official edit is called “Monday (Mescal Kid Vocal Remix) – Steve Angello. Anyways its a nice remake and you should check it out.



check out this 6 minute 128kpbs preview of Monday by Steve Angello. This song is gonna be insane!!!! i want to hear the vocal mix. BONUS Remeber that video of deadmau5 opening with the zelda theme song? well heres another 6 minute preview. Deadmau5 – You Need a Ladder (Zelda Theme).

Valodja – November 2. Tivoli – November 9 Monday – November 16. Alpha Baguera – November 23 oh and if you havent seen this yet



Everyones been waiting for Monday by Steve Angello but its not been released yet, here are some videos for the meantime.