If you want to promote your stuff or just have some requests please be open to emailing me at the following address


15 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hey man… Just wanna say, great blog!

    It has potential… i’ve seen it is very colorful and tempting…

    Luck with it…

    Anything u need just let me know… Count with that…

    Sincerely, MiniGroove Crew

  2. Hey!

    We wanted to thank you for the Upload of our first single, The Sky.
    We’re working with Fred Lilla, a swizz producer, who’s remixing our track.
    It’s absolutely banging!

    We’ll most definently send it to you when it’s done.

    once again, thanks for the upload.

    Cali Culture

  3. Thanks man, just send it to my email

  4. Would You Like To Make Link Exchange?

  5. 5 C.oxh

    Here there is something in order that they raise it to her your web!!

  6. Check out my hot track on my soundcloud site, just click on my name

  7. I just have to say, that your page is the best thing ever happened to me! So nice music!


  8. 10 David Maouad

    Check out my latest mashup
    Title: RHCP vs. Aboga & Alex Font – Excuse the other side ( David M Mashup )

    Would be great if it will be posted on your site!
    Tell me what you think…
    Thanks in advance.

    David M

  9. 11 secret.. sh


  10. 12 Vivek

    Hey dude, after posting such awesome tracks, it’s really unfair of you to vanish and leave us faithfuls behind. I have been technically waiting every day to see your posts and listen to amazing music. Wherever you are, JUST COME BACK!!!

    • 13 DB

      I’m sorry guys, this weekend I’ll put up another post, first in a long time, schools been busy recently

  11. Hi dudes, I need some feeback of my tracks, it would be very nice if you could post some comments.

    You can find my track on :

  12. i’m waiting..

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