IbizaHeaven is Back


Sorry for the long delay, I had to stop writing for a period of time and I’m sorry for that. Now back to the tech house, I have a huge post for you guys. Also, all links are now in Zippyshare.


Pdazzeric (Original Mix) – Til Yali. Played by Pete tong, this track is a killer.

Zetomax (Original Mix) – Scoop Van Eden.

Mars Needs Bitches (Original Mix) – Fabrizio Maurizi. This track is massive, the bass is perfect.


Symphonica – Max Cooper. Highly recommend this track, Its definitely been on my top 10 for the past couple weeks, has great piano tones.

Hear the Wall (Original Mix) – Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch. Dark, dark techno.

What Your Soul Sings (Original Mix) – Luca Bacchetti. I love the vocal sample in this track, its epic.


Mas Que Nada (Original Mix) – Shane Silver. This track is huge!! Guaranteed to get reactions with its vocal sample and synth build up, supported by dubfire.

Soul Food (M.in Remix) – Alex Piccini. Typical M.in style, incredibly epic as always, the sample fits perfectly with the drums.

Harambee (Original Mix) – Daniel Dubb.

Jero (Extended Version) – Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham. Has an epic vocal sample, very tribal.

Orchestrating Maneuvers In the Dark (M.in & Patrick Lindsey Remix) – Radio Slave. This is a great rework of the original, it slowly creeps into a tech bomb.

Yoruba (Original Club Mix) – D-Unity. Everyone should recognize the samples in this track, great production.

My Dad Lives in A Downtown Motel (Original Mix) – Onno. Great track, but very repetitive.

Siskin (Original Mix) – Mr. Pepper. Epic flute sample, very chill techy track.


Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Max Vangeli & AN21 Bootleg).


2 Responses to “IbizaHeaven is Back”

  1. 1 Oscar

    Great to have u back! M.in And luca bachetti i’ve already found to be epiczzz:)
    Gonna check out the rest now! Peace

  1. 1 Beatzforlife.com

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