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Pacific Beach


Check out this preview of Shane Silvers latest remix, this song is gonna be huge! Advertisements

What It’s About (Original Mix) – MC Flipside & A-Divizion. A house tune guranteed to make the people dance. HOUSE I Was Drunk feat. Noze (Original Mix) – Riva Starr. Straight from the If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade EP. I love the tribal drums and the western style riffs. In Weed We Trust (Original […]



Clown (Original Mix) – Psyk. HOLY  SHIT!!! The bass on this track is INCREDIBLE! A must download for any tech lover. TECH HOUSE Bottle Opener (Original Mix) – Drumcell & Audio Injection. Some new techy artists, check out this song. Space (Paul Thomas 2010 Space Odyssey Remix) – Funkagenda Paul Thomas Pres. PTFA. MASSIVE! A killer tune. […]

Joker Captured


Joker Captured – Umek. Such great synths and melodies in this song! TECH HOUSE Hocus Pocus (Radio Slave’s Mole People Remix) – Steve Lawler. Tribal track, its has a great rhythm to it. Cobra (Original Mix) – Jason Taylor. A killer tech track, guaranteed to make the room shake. Well Now (Original Mix) – Jesse […]

Put Your Hands Up (Koen Groeneveld Remix) – Mark Knight, Koen Groeneveld. Put Your Hands Up (Mark Knight Remix) – Mark Knight, Koen Grovneveld. HUGE TRACKS! Which one is better? You can decide.

Tobita Can’t Get Enough (Jacob Stiernspetz Bootleg) – Norman Doray vs Soulsearcher. Dirty South dropped this bomb! check it out, its massive



Bettvanille – Super Flu. Blend at 4.50 – 5.05 is crazy. TECH HOUSE Beside You (Vocal Mix) – Matteo DiMarr, MC Flipside. HUGE!!! Klave – Speedy J. More of a minimal techy sound. El Circo De Sol (Original Mix) – Alex Kenji. Loving Alex Kenji right now, the sample sounds like its straight from the 1960’s. […]